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Made Collagen

For a nicer skin and better health!

Made Collagen

Made Collagen is based on PRM  - Physiological Regulating Medicine, which target to combat signs of aging and wrinkles naturally!

       What is MADE and COLLAGEN?

MADE and COLLAGEN is a mixture of natural based ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and Cell therapy, which included placenta and Collagen. All these ingredients must have been gone trough the processing of homeopathic drug preparations method. The Homeopathy method was founded and practiced by a German medical Dr. Samuell Hanemann. Homeopathy has been around and proved efficacy for more than 200 years!


Homeopathy method is about using similarity to cure similarity “LIKE CURES LIKE” meaning of using ingredients, which causes any disease and to cure as such in return. All ingredients or remedies must be gone trough the processing of homeopathic drug preparations called “potencies” meaning to dilute the original ingredients in to dilutions as homeopathic recipes needed! For a better understanding of Homeopathy we said: It works like vaccine!

       How can MADE and COLLAGEN help reducing wrinkles?

MADE and COLLAGEN help reducing wrinkles at source where it causes wrinkles. All ingredients act synergistically together step by step:

  1. Detoxification, this is the most important process to drain all toxins and waste products out of our body. Toxins and waste products are the main causes of bad health and wrinkles. These drainage organs are playing the big roles in detoxifying: Liver, kidneys, intestines and Lymphatic systems. The less toxins are in the body, the better is our health and nicer skin. Toxins block also the absorption of nutrition in to the body. No nutrition supply meaning bad health!

  2. Enhancing metabolism and increasing blood circulation for better transport of toxins and waste products out of the body and supply the body with nutrition needed.

  3. Supply nutrition and Cell therapy in the exact amount that the body needed to rejuvenate itself.

  4. Restructuring and rebalancing, after the body get rid of toxins and waste products of the body and get well supply of nutrition in to the body, the body can the then restructure and rebalancing itself. Meaning natural healing process is intact again. We will feel healthier and have nicer skin.

        How many sessions of using Made and Collagen can show effects?


Due to wrinkles and bad skin have many causes and one of the main cause is the aging and sun damage. Skin turns wrinkles and looking bad because of decreasing of collagen, hyaluronic acid and fibroblast. Therefore the effective of Made and Collagen is depending on the age and health condition of the person too. The younger the person using it, the quicker can see result. The older the person using Made and Collagen, the longer time needed to recover and renewing health and skin. But the good result will show to every body in short or long term. Made and Collagen will help getting good health and nicer younger skin, when continue using it regularly. Your health will getting so much better, so that you will enjoy your day with full of joy!


       Note: for the maximum effectiveness, Made and Collagen should be used in a course includes 5-7 sessions, 1 session per week and should not be skipped more than 1 session. In an intensive course can be done twice a week.

For a nicer skin and good health!

Made Collagen
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